The most important considerations when planning elevator modernisations are performance, safety and appearance. Get these right and you can benefit from enhanced speed, comfort, efficiency, reliability, serviceability and safety.

Elevating building standards.

We are innovative and are continually updating our skills and equipment to ensure international best practice in the context of emerging technologies. Mocon can arrange an elevator inspection to advise on progressive modernisations to minimise inconvenience and service disruption and maximise the benefits of your investment. We can offer solutions that are tailored around your performance, safety and appearance requirements.

How we modernise.


We can advise on a range of solutions tailoring cost, reliability, serviceability options to ensure your elevator reflects today’s high standards.
Performance upgrades can include:

  • Controller and motor equipment upgrade
  • Electrical upgrade
  • Car and landing door upgrade

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While there are many reasons to upgrade, safety features are at the forefront of the latest upgrades. Building owners and managers can enjoy the benefits of new technologies to give maximum peace of mind to potential customers, clients, employees or residents.
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An aesthetic upgrade can give your building a visual lift that can enhance the appearance of your building.
Appearance upgrades can include:

  • Lift interior upgrade
  • Appointment upgrade, including indicators, landing and car buttons
  • Elevator doors

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