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What makes and models of lift equipment do Mocon service and repair?

As a non-proprietary elevator company Mocon can service and repair all leading brands, including Kone Elevators, Schindler Lifts, Thyssenkrupp Elevators and Otis Elevator.

How do I request a service call-out on a lift not covered under a Mocon maintenance contract?

Please phone 1300 005 438 and a service team member will be able to assist with your enquiry. If all lines are busy or it’s outside business hours, the emergency response team will ask the following question:

“Is this call related to a service callout or general enquiry”: The answer is ‘general enquiry’.

Your message will then be logged and a member of our service team will call you back during business hours.

Technicians are not automatically dispatched to lifts not under an agreement, unless given prior approval by the Service department.

Can I email a service call-out request?

No, it is not advised to email a service call-out request, as emails are reliant on business hours and personnel responses. By calling the 24/7 emergency response team on 1300 005 438, your call is logged with site specific information and immediately queued to dispatch an elevator technician.

Who do I contact if my lift is not working?

Once your equipment is covered under a maintenance contract agreement with us, you can phone our 24/7 emergency response team on 1300 005 438 to dispatch a lift repair technician.

The Response Centre will ask the following questions:

“Is this related to a service call-out or general enquiry”. The answer is ‘service call-out’.

You will then be asked the following questions:

1. Is anyone stuck in the lift?
2. The building name and address (this can be found on the internal lift plate)
3. Lift number
4. Callers name and contact number
5. Any further details

This information is then electronically logged and immediately queued to dispatch a Technician in your area.

The Technician will follow up and contact you with their estimated time of arrival and may ask for additional information regarding the nature of the call to assist in a prompt resolution.

What are the benefits of upgrading my equipment?

Some of the benefits of modernising your equipment can include: speed, comfort, efficiency, reliability, serviceability and safety.

How often should I upgrade or modernise my lift?

There are many reasons why a lift may need to be upgraded or modernised from safety, performance and appearance to legal code requirements. Well-maintained equipment may last 20 years, however updates may be required in order to meet latest safety and compliance.

Mocon recommends to begin planning for upgrades of major components for lifts older than 10 years. (see modernisation Q&A)

What repairs or work can I do on my elevator?

It is not advisable to carry out any lift repair without prior notification to Mocon.

You may however change light bulbs, but no light fixtures, flooring, wall panels and ceiling without the supervision of a licensed electrician or Mocon technician.

Who pays for vandalism, misuse or third party damage?

Regardless of the type of agreement, vandalism, misuse or third party damage is not covered. All repairs not related to the general operations of the equipment are subject to associated costs.

Is upgrading obsolete parts covered by the maintenance contract?

Under normal circumstances replacements of obsolete parts are not included no matter what type of contract you have.

Mocon recommends having a long term modernisation plan to allow for upgrades when equipment becomes obsolete rather than being caught out with emergency expenditures. Once the parts are upgraded, maintenance and repair are covered under fully comprehensive contracts.*

*Refer to Terms and Conditions of Maintenance contract for further inclusions/exclusions

What are the benefits of a fully comprehensive agreement?

As repair calls and major works are included in the fee* for a fully comprehensive agreement, your budget for general operation costs will be consistent over the duration of the agreement. This allows for stable financial planning, limiting emergency unforeseeable expenses. The agreement also includes the preventative maintenance program along with reliable replacement of major and minor parts which can extend the life of your elevator.

*Refer to Terms and Conditions of Maintenance contract for further inclusions/exclusions

What type of maintenance contract agreements are there?

In general terms there are three types of maintenance agreements: Comprehensive, Semi- Comprehensive and Preventative Only. Each of these packages can be tailored on an individual basis to reflect the equipment usage, age and type.

Comprehensive maintenance agreements cover tailored service visit schedules, 24/7 emergency call outs and replacement of major parts.*

Semi-Comprehensive maintenance agreements cover tailored service visit schedules and day time call outs to site, with 24/7 coverage of emergency service calls but do not include the cost of calls outside of business hours or parts.*

Preventative Only maintenance agreements cover tailored service visit schedules, with 24/7 coverage of emergency service calls but do not include the cost of calls or parts.*

* Refer to Terms and Conditions of Maintenance contract for further inclusions/exclusions

How often do I need to service my lift?

The frequency of tailored service visits depends on the type of building (eg. residential, commercial), the usage and the number of floors served.

The minimum frequency is also determined by the usage, age and the manufacturer’s recommendations of the equipment.

Normal usage guide:

  • High – 12 visits per year
  • Medium – 4 visits per year
  • Low – 2 visit per year

Mocon’s Service Manager can advise you about the frequency that will best serve your equipment to keep your equipment in peak condition.