About Mocon.

Take your business to new heights and count on Mocon for unmatched service for your lift, elevator and travelator needs.

You’ve reached top level.

In short, we know how to move you. Whether it’s 2 floors or 200, it’s all the same to us. We’ve maintained and refurbished elevators Australia wide, and while the brands and locations might change, one thing stays the same – our level of service to you.

Mocon is an Australian lift company committed to providing flexible, responsive and accessible service for your building, ensuring minimal disruption to you, your team and your tenants. We follow, and exceed, international best practices for maintenance and modernisation projects.

As an elevator company, Mocon works closely with designers, builders and body corporate managers, our advice and industry knowledge will ensure the right product is installed in your building, and thorough on-site maintenance keeps you moving smoothly.

We are driven by innovation and are constantly on the lookout for emerging technologies to take your lifts and escalators to new levels, resulting in simple, cost effective solutions to move you through your day.