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Service Excellence

At Mocon, we pride ourselves on our customer service and client retention with, on average, 98% of our clients wishing to maintain our relationship and renew contracts with Mocon and our team. These results are built on more than 15 years of service excellence provided to our clients and our stand out team culture that attracts the best team members.

One of our long term clients of over ten years put pen to paper this week to offer some feedback to our team and service technicians. This feedback demonstrates that the future and the direction we are heading in as a company is the right one.

Thank you Lex for your honest feedback and for choosing Mocon.

Maika Ter Horst
Managing Director


Hi Maika

Just received your invoice for the balance of the cost of replacing our emergency phone in preparation for the NBN.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that we received a substantial discount ($360) because the actual installation time was less than the estimated time included in the quote. What a shame other service providers are not as honest and ethical as you.

The boys (and Eli in particular) continue to keep the lift running quietly and reliably. I think Eli considers it a challenge to eliminate little noises I report to him from time to time. Tell all the boys to keep up the good work. Hope that doesn’t put a curse on us.

Thanks again for the high standard of service.