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Why Implement an Upgrade Management Plan?

Building owners and property managers have a major responsibility for getting the balance right in planning for their lifts life expectancy. Having to balance improvements and upgrades against their cheque books, taking into consideration scope for possible changes to legislative requirements.

Often owners and managers get caught out after unexpected equipment failure due to age, with hefty upgrades causing major delays in shut downs and unplanned costs effecting all those who regularly access or are financially invested in the property.


By creating an upgrade management plan this allows for all future works to be scheduled over the expected life of the equipment giving greater control of budgeting and to allow suitable scheduling shutdowns for upgrades and modernisations.

The management plan can also assist in reducing unforeseen breakdown times, especially when failure of equipment is from obsolete parts taking greater time to source suitable alternatives.

Whilst regular preventative servicing assists in maintaining and extending the life of your equipment, just like your motor car, factors including initial installation, brand, age and usage all affect the life expectancy of your equipment.

Mocon suggests to create an upgrade management plan for all equipment over 10 years of age that can help to reduce shut downs, covering performance, safety and appearance.