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What is an Independent Lift Company?

As a building owner or body corporate terms like independent lift company and non-proprietary equipment often pop up in the context of lift maintenance and modernisation, leaving some scratching their heads.

One of the benefits of using an independent lift company like Mocon is that we do not own a brand of equipment which can sometimes be a conflict of interest where advice for repairs and upgrades are driven by upselling own products and equipment.

Mocon believes that owners and body corporates should have greater flexibility in their choice of products and upgrades, often recommending non-proprietary equipment that can easily be serviced and repaired by any reputable elevator company, giving greater flexibility to their ongoing lift maintenance contract.

Non-proprietary equipment often has a longer shelf life than branded equipment as there is limited competition or leanings towards continual upgrades. Competition between major brands to innovate with new products and technology can create a shorter shelf life chasm for superseded non-maintainable parts, leading to costly upgrade cycles for some building owners.

Mocon has access to a large source of non-proprietary equipment as well as all the major top brands and has built a reputation in the industry as having engineers and technicians whose skills cross over all types of makes, models and age.

Mocon is able to service the main leading brands that include Schindler Lifts, Otis Elevator, Kone Elevators and Thyssenkrupp Elevator as well as many of the local and international suppliers.