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Using Your Lift In Extreme Weather

Brisbane has experienced its fair share of floods and cyclones in the past few years and as we all watched on the live streaming of two people being rescued during the Yeppoon cyclones when they got caught in a lift after power was cut, the dangers and risks by all persons involved in releasing them were downplayed by the media at the time. Serious injury or death due to sudden movement, electrocution or electric shock from incorrect isolation, falls from heights are just some of the dangers present.


Elevator technicians, as well as fire and rescue personnel, follow an exhaustive control measure and risk assessment when releasing trapped passengers.

Many people are not made aware that during extreme weather power outages can often cause faults with lifts, leading to people becoming trapped. These stop-with-passengers put additional risks on emergency services and elevator technicians to attend.

As part of your safety or building evacuation processes, consider implementing a temporary shut down of lifts, parking lift cars above ground/basement level to reduce impact of flooding, early evacuation for persons with disability or who rely on the lifts to access ground floor.