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Top Tips to Keep Your Elevator Moving

If you have a Building Manager or Body Corporate Representative on-site, ask them to keep the following in mind when using the equipment:

  • Lift motor room should be well ventilated and/or have an air-conditioning unit to maintain temperature around 32⁰C.
  • Vandalism is a major preventable cause of elevator repairs, conducting regular inspections can help minimise any issues.
  • Replace internal lights in elevators as part of your regular site maintenance.
  • Clean the doors, car tracks, and light ray unit to avoid non-maintainable call outs.
  • Avoid using cleaners on buttons both in and out of the elevators, to prevent internal corrosion and damage.
  • Record any issues with the equipment since previous maintenance visit and provide to your technician during their scheduled maintenance or on arrival of call out as this will speed up their troubleshooting.
  • If access is required for fire safety tests, call ahead of time to schedule.
  • If there is water present (e.g spills or flooding), call your service maintenance provider immediately.
  • Do not change internal car finishes before contacting your service maintenance provider.