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Save Money on Chargeable Calls

The holiday break can put significant strain on your building’s elevators and escalators due to higher than average usage. By following your building’s safety checks, regular safety maintenance program and implementing upgrades to improve before the festive season, this will assist in minimising downtime.

Unfortunately building owners and property managers are only too aware of the cost of chargeable call outs for items outside of general lift operation.

The following items are avoidable call outs, that often present more frequently over busy periods and by monitoring these in your building can help save on possible chargeable call outs:

  • Poor Housekeeping: check for debris or foreign matter/dirt in lift door sills, escalator comb plates that can cause door or tread faults – not opening or closing.
  • Horseplay: monitoring young children and general public from incorrect use in lifts or escalators, such as jumping in lifts, pulling at elevator handrails, pranking emergency phones and general skylarking/vandalism.
  • Lift Keyed Off Service: from time to time building owners and managers use the fire service key to manually operate or test the lift. By not putting the lift back into service it will cause the lift to remain on the ground floor with the doors open.
  • Items in Pit: we understand that accidents happen from time to time and we try to assist where possible however a chargeable call can be avoided in this instance if the end user is able to wait until the next service visit for the item to be retrieved.