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Planning for Modernisations

Planning for modernisations for ageing equipment is essential as eventually you will need to upgrade your major components or completely modernise your equipment.

With careful planning, modernising your elevator can be a strategic investment instead of an emergency situation.

The below guide will assist you in deciding whether or not it may be time to investigate your options:

Quick Q&A

  1. Is it difficult to find spare parts for your equipment?
  2. Are you receiving higher out of pocket expenses for obsolete parts?
  3. Is it difficult finding technicians who can properly repair and maintain your equipment?
  4. Has there been an increase of service call outs over the past 12 months?
  5. Are repairs and replacement not leading to acceptable performance?
  6. Will the short-term costs to refurbish parts exceed the life cycle of a complete replacement?
  7. Are tenants frustrated by the length of time they wait for an elevator or by the frequency of break-downs?
  8. Does the outward appearance of your equipment age the overall aesthetic of your property?

If you answer yes organise for a free independent quote of modernisation.


Some elevators built before 1980 have many safety systems missing (eg. sufficient hand rails, door detection devices), MOCON recommends an independent safety audit be carried out on all elevators and escalators installed prior to this date to ensure they meet current safety and fire codes. Click here to contact us.