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Correct Use of Escalators

Recently the Australian Daily Telegraph followed up with an escalator maintenance worker who reported on the aftermath of people using escalators incorrectly.

Unfortunately the report and pictures in the article are a common occurrence for Mocon technicians, regularly attending escalator calls for removal or repair caused by foreign objects (mops, shoes). Damage is not limited to equipment with recent incidents of a NSW child getting their arms stuck in an escalator, full story here.

This 1970’s Escalator Safety Public Information Film, is still a relevant message today.

Tips for properly riding on an escalator or moving walks

  • Hold the handrail and face forward.
  • Keep feet on the step and away from the sides (observing the yellow lines).
  • Step off and away properly to make room for the next passenger to do the same.
  • Children should always be accompanied by an adult with hands held during ride.
  • In case of an incident or malfunction use the emergency stop button.

Never leave children unattended or let them play on the escalators or auto walks..

Mocon can assist owners or building managers in recommending training or external auditors to assist with your OH&S safety procedures in ensuring education of passengers on the correct use and dangers associated with escalators and moving walks.