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Compliance for Equal Mobility Lift Access

Almost 4 million Australians have a disability, with 50% of people aged over 55 having difficulty with their mobility, hearing or vision.

People with limited mobility are your potential customer, client, employee or resident, so it makes sense to provide adequate access in the way of platform lifts, wheelchair lifts and chair lifts whilst meeting your legal responsibilities.

With continual legislative updates around new and existing lift installations often introduced without formal notification to owners or managers, it can become a minefield to navigate.

The below question checklist excerpt from the Federal Department of Human Services was designed to assist people with limited knowledge on this subject, to perform an initial visual inspection of their equipment.

  1. Does your lift have handrails and is it large enough to allow someone using a wheelchair or walking frame to enter and turn around to access the lift control panel?
  1. Do the lift buttons have raised tactile and Braille information next to them and are they at a height and in a position that can be reached by all?
  1. Does the lift provide audible information telling passengers what floor they arrived at?
  1. Does signage direct the public from the entrance to a reception desk or facilities and is it clear, large enough to be seen at some distance and of high contrast?

If you answer ‘no’ to any of the above items or you would like to seek expert advice on the mobility compliance of your lift, Mocon can assist you in providing an external auditor or a service technician to discuss options for lift compliance.

These questions do not include technical advice and/or specifications about individual lifts and are provided as a guide only, for further information, please refer here.